Utah Play Therapist

Play Therapy helps children work through difficult life events at a level with their developmental abilities. Using Play Therapy techniques, children can learn to resolve trauma, decrease acting-out behaviors, and learn to cope with their emotions. Each session includes time where they are free to express their emotions by participating in art, sand tray, role-playing, and talk therapy. Through these expressive forms of therapy, children can understand their emotions when they often do not have the language or emotional ability to express their frustrations in words.

child play therapist

Play Therapy for Special Needs Children

Our therapists utilize play therapy to uncover any psychological issues in your child. Play is the language children know best and allows them to feel comfortable in a natural environment. This therapeutic approach is child-centered and evidence-based, and is effective in helping children learn coping mechanisms for:

Physical and Learning Disabilities
Life Changes
Social Impairment
Much More


Our goal is to build trust with the child to create a more positive and productive therapy experience for them. The therapists at S&S Counseling are experienced with special needs children and will work to foster a comfortable environment.

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