What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing (EMDR) is a helpful form of therapy used to alleviate distress associated with trauma. This method involves a therapist guiding a client through certain eye movement, tapping, or sounds while the client is processing through traumatic memories. The goal of this form of therapy is to heal from trauma.


Break the Cycles with Counseling

Moving forward after a traumatic event can be one of the most painful parts of healing. Our clinicians at S&S are trained in EMDR therapy to help you release those traumatic feelings and work together towards a path of liberation. We can help you not only process traumatic and distressing life experiences, but soothe your mind, body, and emotions. If you are experiencing trauma, depression, or anxiety, EMDR therapy may be the modality for you. Contact us and get scheduled with a clinician who specializes in EMDR therapy today.

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