Expectant and Birth Parent Counseling


When a young man or women have an unplanned pregnancy, life can feel overwhelming. It’s beneficial to have a third-party sort through all the different options one might have at this point in their life. Counseling is a must after placement to ensure a healthy mental state
Services offered:

  • Options counseling
  • Adoption planning
  • Hospital support
  • Grief counseling
  • Family and individual sessions prior to placement
  • Family and individual sessions following placement

Therapy Reccomendation

It is recommended, for the mental health of the birth parent(s) to receive no less than 4 sessions after placement, but up to 12 if needed. These can be pre-paid for by the couple so the birth parent can use the sessions on a needs basis. Sessions are billable with most accepted insurance companies. Shortly after the year mark of placement, any remaining monies will be returned to the couple at that time.

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